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Home-Stereo Technical Information     A Glossary Of Technical Terminology
General Speaker Info.     Choosing Speakers     About Woofers     About Midrange
About Tweeters     About Dual Cone/Voice Coil Speakers     About Multi-Way Speakers
About Capacitors     About Crossovers     About Equalizers     About Enclosures/Boxes
About Theile-Small     About Amplifiers      How To Install An Amplifier     About  Noise
Understanding Power Ratings     About Receivers/Head Units     Installing A Receiver
Installing LED/Neon Lighting     Choosing The Right Tools     Technical FAQ



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In this section you will find definitions to some of the more common (and uncommon) terms used in descriptions of audio components. The Glossary is an ongoing process and we will be adding new terms on a regular basis.

To quickly navigate the Glossary, click above on the first letter in the term you wish to find. We have also provided full navigation bars on all pages so that you can move to any page on the site from any page in the Glossary. Blue-colored terms within a definition are also defined in the Glossary. For more detailed explanations of various audio components, click on the item of interest in the navigation bar above.



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